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Quiz Meeting 12

1. Which of the following is the author’s main point?

A. Noise may pose a serious threat to our physical and psychological health

B. Loud noises signal danger

C. Hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem

D. The ear is not like the eye


2.According to the passage, what is noise?

A. Unwanted sound

B. A byproduct of technology

C. Physical and psychological harm

D. Congestion


3.Why is noise difficult to measure?

A. It causes hearing loss

B. All people do not respond to it in the same way

C.It is unwanted

D. People become accustomed to it


4. The word congested in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by?

A. hazardous

B. polluted

C. crowded

D. rushed


5. According to the passage, people respond to loud noise in the same way that they respond to?

A. annoyance

B. danger

C. damage

D. disease


6. The phrase as wellin paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to which of the following?

A. after all

B. also

C. instead

D. regardless


7.It can be inferred from this passage that the eye?

A. responds to fear

B. enjoys greater protection than the ear

C. increases functions

D. is damaged by noise


8.With which of the following statements would the author most probably agree?

A. Noise is not a serious problem today

B. Noise is America’s number one problem

C. Noise is an unavoidable problem in an industrial society

D. Noise is a complex problem

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